Fitting tips

To enable you to get the most out of the unique design of Clubrax we offer a few tips
Fixing tip 1.
The ideal distance between the top and bottom
parts is 700mm (27.1/2″)
This applies to styles CX1 and CX2
Fixing tip 2. (CX1 only)
It is essential for best display, to align the top
and bottom parts so that the clubs lay over
at an angle. To achieve this, position the two parts
either side of an imaginary centre line
(see diagram)
Tip 2 CX1 set up showing imaginary centre line.
(frontal view)
Tip 3.
The Clubrax base is designed to hold the grip
in any desired position. Thereby allowing the Soleplate
advertising to always face the customer.
Tip 4.  
Slatwall with aluminium inserts.!  
Extrusion lines in aluminium inserts occasionly cause
difficulty when inserting the CLUBRAX moulded clip.
Fully INsert the clip into extrusion before locking down
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